Bonus Episode: Indie Games Uprising III

2012 October 1

Supplementing the spotlight coverage from Episode #101, the Signed In crew digs deeper into all the offerings from the Indie Games Uprising III promotion including qrth-phyl, Sententia, Diehard Dungeon, Gateways!, Smooth Operators, Entropy, City Tuesday, Xenominer, and Pixel.

Check out all the Indie Games available in the Indie Games Uprising III promotion at!

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:03:27 – qrth-phyl (Indie)
0:09:22 – Sententia (Indie)
0:22:00 – Diehard Dungeon (Indie)
0:25:22 – Gateways! (Indie)
0:30:41 – Smooth Operators (Indie)
0:38:50 – Entropy (Indie)
0:41:25 – City Tuesday (Indie)
0:44:54 – Xenominer (Indie)
0:53:00 – Pixel (Indie)
1:01:25 – End

Bonus Episode: Indie Games Winter Uprising

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