Episode #78: RAGE / X-Men: Destiny / Orcs Must Die! / Gears of War 3 / Mercury Hg / Rotastic

2011 October 9

A full serving of Indie Games lead the show with Commander – World 1, Pigs Can’t Fly, Pixelosity, SteamSunk, Fall of Gods, Wizorb, Mega Shooter 11, Robotriot, and Dead Pixels. On the XBLA front, Craig takes a look at Mercury Hg and offers some more thoughts on Rotastic, Sean finds the NBA JAM: On Fire Edition to leave him rather cold, and everyone lies in wait for orcs with Orcs Must Die! Sean tortures himself with the Battlefield 3 Beta, Craig offers up some Kinect action with the Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster demo and Dance Central. On the disc side, Jeremy tries out some Driver: San Francisco, throws in a bit more about Gears of War 3, delves into a bit of torture himself with Dark Souls, has fun doing a lot of nothing in RAGE, and the show closes out with a discussion on the merits of X-Men: Destiny. All this and a quick and easy contest for a couple copies of Fruit Ninja Kinect!

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Games discussed on this episode!
0:00:00 – Intro
0:06:33 – Commander – World 1 (Indie)
0:09:19 – Pigs Can’t Fly (Indie)
0:11:12 – Pixelosity (Indie)
0:14:09 – SteamSunk (Indie)
0:15:27 – The Fall of Gods (Indie)
0:17:12 – Wizorb (Indie)
0:23:11 – Mega Shooter 11 (Indie)
0:25:16 – Robotriot (Indie)
0:27:21 – Dead Pixels (Indie)
0:28:22 – Mercury Hg (XBLA)
0:31:55 – Rotastic (XBLA)
0:34:28 – NBA JAM: On Fire Edition (XBLA)
0:38:25 – Orcs Must Die! (XBLA)
0:46:59 – Battlefield 3 (Beta Demo)
0:49:15 – Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster (Demo)
0:52:04 – Dance Central
0:56:47 – Driver San Francisco
1:00:32 – Gear of War 3
1:06:00 – Dark Souls
1:07:41 – RAGE
1:18:51 – X-Men: Destiny
1:40:12 – End

Episode #78: RAGE / X-Men: Destiny / Orcs Must Die! / Gears of War 3 / Mercury Hg / Rotastic

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