Episode #41: Tunescape / Rotor’scope / Deadly Premonition / Mega Man 10

2010 April 11

It may have been a release free week since the last show, but Signed In still finds a way to waste an hour of your time! Jeremy starts off the Indie Games talk with the puzzler Rotor’scope, Craig takes a swing at Wayne the Brain, Sean experiences the joy of child launching with Baby Maker Extreme, and everyone checks out the music powered Tunescape. The guys also take a brief preview look at Mega Man 10 and Craig offers up his thoughts on Deadly Premonition. (With a few other odds and ends thrown in along the way!)

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Links to games discussed on this episode!
Rotor’scope (Indie)
Wayne the Brain (Indie)
Baby Maker Extreme (Indie)
Tunescape (Indie)
Pew Pew Pod (Indie)
Lazy Raiders (XBLA)
Rocket Riot (XBLA)
Defense Grid (XBLA)
Mega Man 10 (XBLA)

[gplayer href=”http://media.libsyn.com/media/signedin/Signed_In_41.mp3″ ][/gplayer] Direct Download PseudoRadio Productions - Signed In: An Xbox 360 Podcast

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